What are the Different Types of Portrait Photography?

Photography is not just a hobby, but art which requires perfect skill too. Capturing a picture in a frame is not the only duty of a photographer. He\she must be completely aware of the various types of photography into which each picture can be categorized. Portraiture displays the mood, personality and the expression of the subject. While the background or the environment may also be included in the picture, which adds details to it, the focus is on the subject.

• Traditional or classical portraiture – is like a ‘visual biography’. The focus is mainly on the face, and the subject is expected to be looking directly at the camera. The purpose is to capture the moment or the essence of emotion and spontaneity.

• Environmental portrait – it is the picture of the subject in his\her natural environment like workplace or habitat. The surroundings should assist in accentuating the subject’s character by adding useful information about the subject’s normal activities.

• Candid portraiture – the Mississauga photographer should be skilled to take such a picture where the subject is generally not aware not is expecting to be captured. The picture showcases the exact natural moment. This technique is used during travel or journalism.

• Glamour portrait – photography and modeling are almost synonymous to the glamour world. For this type of picture, setting up is required and various other factors are used like light and makeup to highlight a particular feature of the subject.

• Lifestyle portraiture – it captures the ‘style of living’. It combines both candid and environmental photography. Its purpose is to convey the living experience and emotion.

• Surreal photography – is a modern art technique, which is mostly abstract. It displays the hidden realism, which is interpreted in a unique manner. Tricks, editing and effects are used to bring these pictures to life.

• Conceptual portrait – these pictures convey a deeper meaning, adding multiple dimensions to what is directly visualized. It is like an open end which leaves the viewer wondering.

• Abstract portraits – this type of picture is captured with the intention of not representing the reality. It is art which involved various skills and techniques.

Knowing the types and making good use of lightning, composition and lens a perfect picture can be captured.

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